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The Deep Clean

Exterior will be pre washed , snow foamed, two bucket safe wash, liquid decontamination of the paintwork removing iron particles and tar spots from the paintwork, dried using a plush drying towel, tyres dressed and bodywork finished with an Si02 ceramic coating giving 6-12months protection.

Small £140

Medium £150

Large £160

X-Large £170


If you have had your vehicle deep cleaned by us you will be asked if you would like to join our maintenance plan, usually every 4 weeks, every visit your vehicle will be finished in the standard we set on our deep clean, any longer than 4 weeks an extra charge could incur this will be discussed before any work starts .

Small £55.00

Medium £65.00

Large £75.00

X-Large £85.00

Machine Polishing

Single stage machine polish removing 70-90% of swirls, a full deep clean of the exterior will be carried out then paint readings will be taken so we know the paint thickness before we start machine polishing, once complete we will apply an Si02 ceramic sealant giving 6-12 months protection. An interior deep clean can be added for an extra charge .

Small £400

Medium £450

Large £500

X-Large £550

7 year Ceramic coating can be added for an additional £140.


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