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Welcome to Solihull Car Valeting And Detailing

Mobile Car Valeting

At Solihull Car Valeting And Detailing we come to your home or work to valet your vehicle. What sets us apart from road side car wash establishments is our attention to detail, and using only quality products, you would not use dirty water to wash your vehicle so why pay someone to use that process on your vehicle. Our aim is to get your vehicle looking as good as new and with that in mind we will do work on your vehicle that others may not do. Unlike the roadside wash establishments, we will not rush our service and use clean towels and wash mitts, also using two buckets with grit guards and clean water on every vehicle we valet, taking upwards of three hours or more to complete our work. Our prices are reflected in the products used and the time taken to complete our work.

We are always happy to work with the customer to help you get the service you require, and look forward to working with you.


Spring Deep Clean

Exterior: pre wash, snow foam. two bucket safe wash, chemical decontamination, Si02 Ceramic detailer applied giving 6-12 months protection.

Interior: Fully vaccumed, steam cleaned including headliner, seats cleaned, glass all clleaned.


High quality valeting Solihull, machine polished and ceramic coating,
Mobile valeting solihull, high standard mobile valeting, machine polishing and ceramic coating, snow foam, steam cleaning
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